Producers of fruit products

In this section, we present samples of gift beverage glass for fruit distillates, wines and spirits. The offer is addressed directly to the producers of these products. The beverage glass is produced from borosilicate glass melt that is characterized by a high purity (see the certificate). In gastronomy, this represents a qualitative superiority. We produce bottles and glasses of great variety of shapes and volumes. A part of the offer is natural corks, synthetic stoppers, plastic faucets, gift boxes, and wooden and other accessories.

Kitchens, restaurants, bars, tasting

In this section, we address entrepreneurs in the field of gastronomy. The offer is intended for restaurants, bars, wine cellars, entertainment centers. Here, one can find a wide range of beverage and kitchen glass. The selection comprises bottles and glasses, as well as table accessories including vases, candlesticks and oil lamps. The products have original designs and can be produced to a particular specification proposed by a customer. The high aesthetics and practicality of the products result in attractive services for a consumer.

Shops with gift products

Here, the offer is directed to the owners of gift shops dealing with glass articles. These include a variety of gift bottles, glasses, vinegar/oil vessels, candlesticks, oil lamps and vases.

Technical glass

Our offers target the technical glass used in the natural sciences and industry. The products find their applications for instance in pharmacy and medicine.

Sport events, trophies, and advertising articles

In this section, we address advertising agencies, sports clubs, associations and societies. We can offer products of advertising articles, sports appreciation and operational projects. The logos are produced either by sanding or by baking transfer. Gold and platinum are used for precious metals decors.

Special occasions and anniversaries

This group of products includes examples of gift glass items designed for anniversaries and other festivities, weddings and alike. Sanded decorations with dedications (both texts as well as illustrations) can be produced according to the customer’s wishes.


Here, we offer products with characteristic designs of the yearly festivities, such as Christmas, Easter, St.Valentine’s Day, etc.

Assortment for ladies

We offer a wide variety of products designed for ladies. Should you look for a gift for a man, we recommend the reference to “Assortment for gentlemen”.

Assortment for gentlemen

We offer a wide variety of products designed for men. Should you look for a gift for a woman, we recommend the reference to “Assortment for ladies”.

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