About us

We are taking the liberty of introducing our company DT GLASS s.r.o. that has been founded by Mr. Josef Moravec, a specialist in industrial technologies. The long-term experience and exceptional abilities and skills of our workers enabled a successful development of this company that was founded only at the end of 2003. Presently, the company employs 15 people and manufactures a wide variety of decorative, gift and commercial glass products. These include gift bottles, bowls, glasses, oil lamps, candlesticks, vases, sanded glass, lighting components, lamps and laboratory glass.

The products are made by hand and machine processing of SIMAX borosilicate pipes and rods. The high quality of the molten glass and its excellent physical and chemical properties guaranties a wide use in gastronomy, pharmacy and other sectors.

Many technological improvements are developed and administered within the firm. A particular attention is given to the development of the glass-making technologies and research in order to assure a long-term attractive offer of glass articles in the market place.

The production is concentrated in the workrooms on Teperska street, 703 and Masarykova street, 4 (see contact).

firm shop

DT GLASS s.r.o. shop is attractive for turists because of hand glass production seeing. It is opportunity to buy nice glass gifts for you and your friends. The shop is integrated with our plant on Masarykova street. Entrance is on Obránců Míru street next to restaurant U Zvonice.



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